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Enjoy having a clean, smooth look at all times with our waxing services. Waxing is a great way to avoid shaving irritation, ingrown hairs, and other annoyances that are caused by shaving. Staying perfectly smooth longer, and having a very uniform look are other great reasons to try waxing.

At Gustav Wellness Center, we’ve perfected the art of waxing. We’ve streamlined our process to maximize your comfort, take up less of your time, and leave you with smoother, longer-lasting results.

A refuge of removal, a haven of hairlessness, a sanctuary of smoothness. FIND YOUR SMOOTH ZONE


Facial Wax

N$ 85

(Lip/ Chin/ Sides of face/ Brows)

Bikini/ Arms/ Chest/ Back/ Half of legs

N$ 290

Full Bikini

N$ 350

Full Leg

N$ 350


N$ 120


N$ 390

Wax Combo

N$ 500

(Hollywood & Underarm)