About us

A full-service spa that strives to bring the highest standard of service and products to our clients.


Amy Van den Heever Shape

I come from humble beginnings, born in Khomasdal, where I still reside, allowing me to interact and give back to the community. I went to school at St.Andrews Primary School, Eldorado Secondary School and matriculated at Jan Mohr Secondary School. After school, I was blessed with the opportunity to further my studies at Tina Scholtz Academy for Health and Skin Care Professionals, where I graduated with a 3 year higher diploma in Somatology.

My parents are both very hard-working entrepreneurs thus instilled this work ethic in us from a very young age. As one of 6 children, my parents worked very hard to provide for us whilst teaching us the most important life skills, fundamentals and morals. One of the most important of these was working for what you want in life. Everything we wanted had to be earned. This is where I found my love and passion for Beauty and Wellness.

After seeing my mom and dad get home tired and exhausted from a long day’s work, I would offer to give them back or foot massages, cut their toenails, treat their dry feet etc. Not very long after, it wasn’t about earning pocket money anymore, but my reward came from making someone feel special and relaxed and even just for that moment taking their mind off the heaviness of everyday life. The seed was planted and I was ready to pursue my destiny.

After completing my studies in 2006, I worked at Gogheganas resort for 1 year, then started at what was then known as Kalahari Sands hotel and casino, in their spa department, which was privately owned separately from the hotel.

In 2008 I found myself in the most fortunate position, with the help of my parents to buy the business from the previous owner, (this was however, a loan and was paid back with interest, within 5 years). At the very young age of 23, I started my entrepreneurship journey.

Thirteen years later we are still one of the most popular and renowned spas in Windhoek. Unfortunately, we had to relocate from the hotel as they renovated and decided to otherwise occupy the space and did not have space. However, we are still in the same shopping centre, known as Gustav Voigts Centre, just one floor beneath the hotel.